FWC approves Murrumbidgee PHN Enterprise Agreement

The Fair Work Commission has approved the Firsthealth Limited Enterprise Agreement 2022 on 27 July 2022.

This means that the agreement will commence from 3 August 2022 and will expire on 30 June 2025.

A summary of entitlements under the Agreement follows below:

  • 2% Wage Increase per annum;
  • Paid Family and Domestic Leave up to 10 days;
  • TOIL increase to 1.5 per hour in lieu, for outside span of hours of 7.30am and 8pm Monday to Friday;
  • TOIL allowed to be paid out if an employee has reached their allowed limit in consultation with manage and final signoff by CEO;
  • Inclusion of Cultural Leave; and
  • Purchased leave can be taken over 12 months.

The Agreement can be viewed at this link.

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