Galambila Aboriginal Health Service: Update on Log of Claims

The HSU recently surveyed members on what you would most like to see in bargaining for your next Enterprise Agreement.

Based on your responses, the HSU has created the following Log of Claims:

  1. Wages to be increased based on the current arrangement in the enterprise agreement under Clause 12 to the effect of the minimum pay rate… will be set at the applicable minimum award rate plus an agreed percentage increase.
  2. Allowances that fall below the Modern Award are increased to at least the minimum.
  3. Agreement to operate on a 3-year term.
  4. Include an additional clause about fatigue management and working in multiple roles at the one time.
  5. Include a new casual conversion clause, as per the National Employment Standards.
  6. First year of professional registration fees to be paid by Galambila.
  7. Amend the current Clause 15.2 to be clearer on the percentage of superannuation guaranteed that applies as per the Superannuation Guarantee Act 1992 to ensure the amount does not fall below the minimums.
  8. Include Partner Leave entitlement under Clause 30.1.
  9. Increase Trade Union Leave entitlement under Clause 30.2 from two (2) days unpaid leave to seven (7) days paid leave each financial year.
  10. Include up to 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave each financial year.

The HSU bargaining team will be submitting these to Galambila’s bargaining representatives today ahead of the next round of discussions taking place tomorrow.

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