Getting ready for a new agreement at Apunipima

It’s time to have your say about your wages and conditions at Apunipima.

Now members have the chance to have your say about the changes you want to see.

Click here to take the Apunipima Survey to list the changes you want in your new Agreement.

The survey results will be used to develop the HSU Log of Claims which we will take into bargaining.

Do you want to be involved in bargaining?

Apunipima has sent around a “Notice of Representational Rights” which is a formal notification that management is ready to bargain for a new agreement. As an HSU member, you are automatically represented by your union. If you are interested in being part of the HSU Bargaining Team, please send an email to your HSU Organiser Selma Kum Sing via [E-Mail not displayed].

Do you know someone who isn’t an HSU member?

We are always stronger together. If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member – but should be – send them this email. New members can join at, call 1300 478 679, or contact your Organiser Selma at 0427 968 549.