Government insults Ambulance with ridiculous pay offer

  • Published April 28, 2021
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The NSW Government has ‘offered’ a 1.5% pay rise this year. However, in an act of larceny, they are not going to absorb the upcoming .5% increase to the guaranteed superannuation minimum - meaning that this year’s actual wage offer is a ridiculous 1.04%. This offer is conditional on ADHSU members ‘consenting’ to the offer (that is, no campaigning) and there must be a legally enforceable no extra claims clause. 

This comes on top of offering 0% last year. While Health Service Managers, Operational Ambulance Managers, and other assorted Health Award employees were awarded an insulting .3% last year, the Full Bench is yet to make a decision for staff on the Paramedic and Control Centre Officers Award. While we can’t be sure what the Full Bench will decide for Paramedics and Control Centre Officers, it will be way below the sort of increases that are needed to bring members up to professional pay.

It should be noted that Paramedic and Control Centre ADHSU members wisely voted against taking last year’s pay claim to the IRC. We know all previous and current claims have been brushed aside by the Full Bench and, recently, the Supreme Court. All these bodies have sided with government by supporting a virtual pay freeze for health workers.

Paramedics remained stoic during the fires and pandemic and simply got on with the job. They held the line for the community with integrity and no small effort. All the while NSW Paramedics and Control Centre Officers remain the lowest paid in the country.

We know many large Australian businesses and executives have grown richer throughout the pandemic. This is thanks to the amazing efforts of paramedics and the whole health community continuing the fight to keep the virus out of the community.

Yet the only thanks members have received is a virtual pay freeze last year and an insulting offer this year.

It’s time to stand up and fight. It’s time to take the fight public.

Please take a moment and respond to this survey asking if you endorse the fight, and to outline just how hard we should go to ensure ADHSU members’ voices are heard loud and clear by the Treasurer.

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