Gosford Hospital: PSA Transfer Dispute Update

As you may be aware, the HSU recently notified CCLHD of a dispute regarding the trial of a new transfer procedure from Gosford Hospital Emergency Department. The trial procedure involves no nurse escort when PSAs are transferring patients from ED to wards H3 and G3.

Following notification of the dispute, a meeting was held on Thursday 18 November between CCLHD management, HSU delegates, and representatives of NSWNMA. You can find the minutes of this meeting here.

During the meeting, the HSU outlined our opposition to the trial, citing the lack of consultation around the proposal, as well as the difficult position it could place members in should a medical situation occur. We also questioned whether this proposal is in the best interests of patient care.

The HSU is awaiting full documentation around the trial and its possible impacts. In the meantime, the issue remains in dispute and the LHD has acknowledged that status quo will be observed – meaning that current work practices should be adhered to.

While status quo remains in place, PSA members should not transfer patients on oxygen and/or IV without a nurse. The exception to this is from ED to Medical Imaging which has been a customary practice for a number of years.

Do you know someone who is affected by this but not yet an HSU member? Tell them now is the time to join the Union and get informed. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.