Gosford Hospital PSAs Staffing Levels Follow Up

  • Published March 31, 2023

The recent HSU newsletter detailed a number of resolutions passed by PSA members. Management have now provided the following responses below:

In response to the HSU’s request for information, please see below details and attached information. Staff are being told which zone they are working in and will continue to do this going forward.

HSU request for FTE and Structure:

  • After reviewing the budgeted FTE for the Service, I am pleased to advise that since 2017/2018, there has been an increase of 34 FTE aligned to the Service cost centre to the period 2022/2023.
  • The District has provided a redacted version of the Roster Structure for your perusal.

HSU request for data surrounding allocated Isolation Cleaners:

  • The Roster Structure is inclusive of allocated isolation cleaners for each shift.
  • The ISO positions align to morning shifts to best suit the service needs. Should there be any need for an ISO clean in the afternoon, capacity is assessed, and appropriate payment made if and when necessary.
  • Important to note there are ISO positions aligned to Theatres and this also incorporates a PM shift.

HSU request for review of the afternoon shift model due to impact on the morning shift:

  • The management team is cognisant that in a 24-hour operation the practices overnight may flow onto the morning shift at times as with other operational areas of the Hospital.
  • Further conversations around the impact in relation to this matter is welcomed, to ensure resolution.

HSU request for communication plan regarding managing workload when there are staff shortages that can’t be filled:

  • If there is a vacant shift, appropriate allocation is given to part-time staff in the first instance and then they will progress to fill the position with casuals availability via EOL.
  • The availability of part time staff can be provided to the management team as often as they become aware of their increased capacity to work and the vacancies will be filled accordingly, taking into account relevant award conditions. 
  • It is important to reiterate that the District needs operational flexibility to allocate staff to respond to unplanned events or as operational circumstances dictate.
  • The management team staff our resources based on the priorities of the services to ensure appropriate and timely patient care. 

Based on the information provided, I inform you that the system for additional shifts will not be paused. Staff who are interested in picking up additional shifts are encouraged to inform of their availability, as necessary.

Also provided was the following:

there has been 4 recruitment episodes (3 x PSAs and 1 x HAG2) undertaken this year alone by the Management team. These episodes have been to ensure there is ongoing replenishment following retirements, resignations and casuals amending to permanent positions.

Members are encouraged to read all the information. We’ll arrange a further meeting with members to discuss the information and next steps.

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