Groundhog Day for Technical Officers & Hospital Scientists: Awards under attack (again)

This week in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, the Ministry of Health, NSW Health Pathology and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network indicated they will again apply to vary the Hospital Scientist Award in response to a claim that some HSU members are underpaid.

They are making the application because they fear HSU members are correct and that the Commission will find they have been underpaying employees who hold a science degree and do scientific work while being classified as Technical Officers.

The Ministry, NSWHP and SCHN will apply to have the Hospital Scientist Award changed in order to fit their incorrect interpretation. HSU members successfully defended the Award recently against a similar attack, after the employer tried the same trick on Senior Hospital Scientists who were underpaid millions.

This is a cruel and cynical attempt to undermine union members’ past and future entitlements. It’s also a tactic recently rolled out by big corporate employers like Qube and Toll.

HSU members will fight back and with your continued engagement, we will win again!

Keep an eye out for mass meetings and email communications seeking your feedback and action. Talk to your colleagues about it and encourage them to join our union at this link: