Have you had unauthorised deductions from your pay?

Members have reported that following a recent overpayment of wages, specifically penalty rates, a decision by Stroud Lodge was made to deduct owed money from staff without consent or written authorisation in the following pay cycle. This deduction resulted in some members suffering financial disadvantage. 

The Fair Work Act protects workers from employers making unlawful deductions. Deductions can only be made with written consent. On occasions where a genuine overpayment has occurred, workers should be consulted and offered a repayment plan and only after a worker has given consent can a deduction be legally made.

If you have had unauthorised deductions from your pay, contact your HSU organiser at [E-Mail not displayed]. Include details of the dollar amount of the initial overpayment and of how that money was paid back - copies of payslips will have this information. Please also include if you were caused financial distress or hardship.

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