Healthe Care Enterprise Bargaining Commences

Healthe Care has notified the HSU of their intention to commence bargaining for a new enterprise agreement. The first bargaining meeting is scheduled for 2 August 2023.

Your employer has also proposed to combine the existing ‘Health Professionals and Support Services Agreement’ and the ‘Day Procedure Centres Health Professionals and Support Services Agreement’ into one consolidated EBA.

You can view correspondence from Healthe Care at the below links:

The HSU will hold a mass meeting for members via zoom next Thursday 27 July @ 6:30pm to discuss the next steps in the EBA Campaign. Please register for the meeting ahead of time at this link.

Questions or concerns? Please email [E-Mail not displayed] with subject line Healthe Care EBA.

Do you have colleagues who aren’t HSU members yet? They can have their say and help build union power by joining us!

New members can join online at or call 1300 HSU NSW to join over the phone.