Healthscope still refusing to provide wage offer

This afternoon, your HSU bargaining team met with Healthscope representatives to progress your next Enterprise Agreement.

The focus of today’s meeting was to hear Healthscope’s responses to HSU members’ Log of Claims and their initial wage offer.

Disappointingly, Healthscope has chosen to decline most of the items in our Log of Claims. Even more disappointingly, they still maintain that they will not provide a wage offer until all claims are settled.

This is not good enough. It’s been over 17 months since you last received a wage increase. Members deserve an offer to consider now.

The next meeting with Healthscope is scheduled for Tuesday 28 February. Our bargaining team have today made it abundantly clear that we will expect an initial wage offer from Healthscope.

It’s time to stand together and send a message that we deserve to be respected and valued.

What do you think? We need to hear from you about the next steps of our campaign. Take our action survey below by 12pm, Monday 27 February.

Now is the time for all Healthscope employees to join your Union and build power in your workplace. We are always stronger when we stand together. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.