Royal Prince Alfred Hospital: Parking Backflip by Management

  • Published February 22, 2023

On February 14th, staff at RPA began receiving memos that the cost of parking was going to increase to $25 a day from February 20th. This was after staff received a memo on February 9th stating that they would no longer be able to use the multistorey car pack without pre-approval. Some did not receive this earlier memo, causing staff members to be refused parking upon arrival at the car park. This is not a situation any staff should have been put in and created a lot of confusion on the day.

Fortunately, the proposal to increase the cost of staff parking without prior approval has been scrapped. You can see the memo announcing that HERE. This means that staff without prior approval will only have to pay $8 a day, as was prior practice.

This reversal occurred after many upset staff raised their grievance. A caller to 2GB even complained, creating some bad press for the hospital.

Hopefully this is now resolved, but if you have any more issues with parking at RPA, contact your organiser Andrei on 0417 134 715.

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