HealthShare Food Services: Gumboots

As members would be aware, your HSU representatives have been in dispute with HealthShare in relation to shoe allowance for Food Services staff.

As part of the discussion with HealthShare about the shoe allowance, the issue of HealthShare providing gumboots to food services staff has been identified.

Senior HealthShare management were of a view that Food Services staff were being provided with gumboots. Many members may be surprised by this, as the vast majority of locations do not appear to provide any gumboots.

In subsequent discussions with HealthShare management, your HSU representatives provided feedback that the suggestion from HealthShare management that HealthShare could provide staff with a small number of gumboots to share was neither appropriate nor hygienic.

Members should be aware that gumboots should be issued to each staff member who needs them for duties such as:

  • Washing out food services areas
  • Washup area
  • Any other work that may result in workers’ shoes getting wet.

These gumboots should be provided to prevent shoes/feet getting wet. This can result in shoes degrading faster than normal, while wet feet can cause health issues.

If you have not been issued with your own gumboots yet, you are encouraged to put forward the request to your manager to be supplied your own pair of gumboots.

If this request is not approved or actioned, please contact your local Organiser for assistance or email [E-Mail not displayed].

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