HealthShare PTS Log of Claims

It’s been a chaotic year for PTS members. In June 2023, members were faced with a cost-of-living crisis and the NSW government offered a real wage cut. After major protests and action across all of Health, members instead voted to take a $3502 annual salary increase, equating to an increase of approximately 5.9% for PTOs. In addition to the stress from this wage fight, and delayed backpay, HealthShare pushed forward with a nonsensical roster reform program that did nothing but anger members.

Conveniently, just as HealthShare decides consultation has finished, HSU members have committed to enshrine better roster protections and improve working conditions. From membership, through their local committees, many ideas for award reform ideas have been raised.

Now you can view the log of claims to be endorsed. The claims to be endorsed are the basic tenets for negotiations moving forward.

Read the ten items in the log of claims here.

Once you’ve read the log of claims linked above, ensure you have your say on your new award. The survey will be open until Tuesday 2 April: