HNELHD Nuclear Medicine Update

HNEI has responded to issues raised by HSU members regarding the proposal to realign shift times within Nuclear Medicine. You can find the original newsletter and proposal here: HNELHD Nuclear Medicine Department – Realigned Shift Times - HSU NSW/ACT/QLD.

The issues raised by the HSU included:

  1. Staff have expressed concerns about being able to manage the new shifts times in the context of having extensive caring responsibilities – particularly in the afternoons.
  2. Impacts on related staff, such as administrative, cleaning and wardspersons.
  3. Will nurses be available during the extended hours?
  4. Will all employees be expected to work the extended shift? How will those shifts be allocated?
  5. During winter, staff will be leaving after dark. Will staff have access to safe parking facilities and/or escorts to their vehicles after dark?
  6. Will the employees required to work to 6pm take on any other additional tasks that would usually result in overtime?

In response HNEI said:

  1. The concerns raised have been reviewed with an alternative 5:45pm finish proposed to staff members on days where the PET/CT scanner is operating. It should be noted that this would increase the number of days per week staff would be required to work the new shift time.
  2. There is no requirement for nursing or administrative staff to work altered hours to support the operation of the nuclear medicine department. A level of consultation has occurred with wider teams at Tamworth.
  3. At Tamworth all staff will be required to participate in the new rostered shift times with rostering being equal based on FTE. At the Calvary Mater and John Hunter Hospitals staff who are currently rostered to a standard 7.6 hour day will be required to participate in the new rostered shift times with rostering being equal based on FTE.
  4. Hospital security is on-site 24 hours per day and as standard practice are available to accompany staff to their car as required.
  5. Employees on this shift will be required to undertake the provisions of the clinical services required by the department such the performing of PET Scanning duties, per standard practice in a PET scanning facility.
  6. The service recognise that staff have commitments outside of work and wherever possible will look to assist staff to balance these commitments, however the proposed shift introduction is based on service delivery and the inherent issues when purchasing isotopes from Sydney.
  7. Currently patients within the local Tamworth community are required to travel to Newcastle for a PET scan, as such a decision is made to provide a local service and allow patients more accessible care.

If you have outstanding concerns about the proposal for any reason, please reach out to your local organiser (Tracey or Matt) or your Industrial Services Officer Nick (on 1300 478 679) for assistance.