Hospital Scientist Award Update

The HSU, Ministry of Health and NSW Health Pathology are now commencing negotiations about the future of the Hospital Scientist Award (see background here: HSU Win: NSW Health Pathology abandons IRC action, returns to negotiating table).

The next step will be in March, when the groups will share their position papers on the Hospital Scientist Award. From there we will move into the substance of the negotiations.

HSU Hospital Scientist members make up the Hospital Scientist Industrial Advisory Committee. This Committee has been working hard over the past two months. Union members will continue to take the lead in ensuring Hospital Scientists receive the recognition and pay they deserve.  

Union members have forced the Ministry of Health and NSW Health Pathology to back down. This is members’ chance to make real change. The more Hospital Scientists and Technical Officers that are part of the union, the more the union can achieve. If you have colleagues who haven’t joined yet, talk to them today.

New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.