HSU alert: what to do when you're told to self-isolate

With COVID numbers increasing again, it is important to remain vigilant and follow your COVID Safe workplans of checking in, distancing, sanitising, wearing PPE, and getting tested and staying home if you have COVID symptoms.

What happens if you’re a Close Contact of someone with COVID-19 at work?

In the unfortunate event that you are a Close Contact at work, and you are directed by NSW or ACT Health and your employer to isolate, follow the directives regarding testing and isolating: 



Being paid while you are unable to work:

  1. Contact your employer and ask if you will be provided paid pandemic leave/special leave and paid your contract hours.
  2. If your employer does not provide paid pandemic leave/special leave, your employer can stand you down on unpaid leave (under the SCHADS Award this is referred to as unpaid pandemic leave), and then you can apply for the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment:

On Question 30 – make sure you tick YES – that you have exhausted all your appropriate leave entitlements.

Do I have to use my Sick Leave?

NO. If you do not have COVID, but you are directed to self-isolate because you are a close contact, then you do not have to use your Sick Leave.

Your Sick Leave is for when you are ill or injured.

If your employer or Centrelink is telling you to use your Sick Leave, please contact the HSU on 1300 478 679.

Information, Support and Advice

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact the HSU on 1300 478 679 or email [E-Mail not displayed].