HSU calls for Royal Commission into health funding

Watch the message from HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes here

You may have seen the recent ABC expose into Medicare rorts – people profiteering from our universal health care system.

While the greed and selfishness uncovered by the ABC was shocking, I believe this is just a small sample of the true scale of profiteering going on in health.

That’s why the HSU is calling for a Royal Commission into how the health dollar is being spent. Watch my message to members here: https://youtu.be/lO9l8vW7WFE

Health funding accounts for one third of the NSW budget, but it’s clear that the money isn’t getting to where it needs to go. Individuals are profiting from the system and benefiting from a lack of scrutiny. Meanwhile we’re seeing:

  • Ambulances delays that put patients’ lives at risk
  • Hospital beds being occupied by aged care patients
  • Understaffing and under resourcing throughout our health system

Only a Royal Commission can ensure the exploitation of our health system is fully brought to light. A Royal Commission is transparent, independent, and has the power to subpoena documents and compel testimony to get to the truth. 

The HSU has already succeeded in having this adopted as NSW Labor policy. I need your help to fight for a Royal Commission.

Health workers deserve to be paid properly and to work in a properly staffed health system. Patients deserve to receive the best possible standard of care – regardless of their ability to pay. We need to stop the rorts now.