HSU Conference endorses fight for better pay

Last week, over 500 HSU members came together at the 2022 Delegates Conference. Together members planned the next steps of the campaign to make our health system stronger than ever.

Health workers across NSW are underpaid and undervalued. We are sick of being called heroes – it’s time for actions not words.

At this conference delegates decided to take a stand for better terms and conditions in private health providers across NSW through bargaining for high quality enterprise agreements. Members passed this resolution: 

HSU members working in the private health industry commit to fighting for enterprise agreements that:

  1. Ensure wages do not go backwards in relation to the cost of living.
  2. Reflect similar terms and conditions as the public sector.
  3. Include a minimum pay rise of 5.5%.

To make these changes we need a bigger and stronger union than ever. Speak to your colleagues about joining their Union today: www.hsu.asn.au/join.