HSU COVID-specific support mailbox

Understandably, very many members have been seeking advice and support from the HSU at this critical time.

The Union is committed to helping members in as timely a fashion as possible. To this end, we have a specific email address for members who have questions, concerns, or are affected by the coronavirus crisis: [E-Mail not displayed]

This is yet another strategy by the HSU to support members at this time and ensure that your issue is dealt with promptly. 

You can follow this link to see an update from HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes: https://youtu.be/ksqsw4G1QTs

If you have workmates that are not yet members of the HSU, now is the time to join. At a time of immense stress and pressure for health, aged care and disability workers, nothing is more important than access to expert advice and support – and the backing of over 45,000 members.

New members can join by visiting www.hsu.asn.au/join or by calling the Union on 1300 478 679.