HSU Fighting for Change: Aged Care Update

On Wednesday last week, our largest ever delegation of HSU aged care members travelled to Parliament House in Canberra, to meet with members of government and tell them why we need urgent change in aged care.

HSU members told government MPs about the shocking state of affairs, including chronic understaffing, appallingly low pay rates and lack of funding for vital care services.

We also made it very clear that HSU members are furious about the government’s submission to our Aged Care Work Value Case, that asks for pay increases to be phased in over several years, and not paid immediately.

HSU members demanded that the government reconsider its position and called on them to:

  • Support the full 25% pay rise in the HSU Work Value Case;
  • Commit that all aged care workers will be covered; and,
  • Pass on the interim pay rise immediately.

HSU delegates represented their colleagues and fellow union members bravely and passionately. Our message clearly cut through to members of parliament, with many getting quite emotional hearing how hard we are all working across the sector and the challenges that aged care workers face on a daily basis.

Most of the MPs we met were very supportive, with many committing to take up our issues directly with the Ministers for Health and Aged Care. Many government MPs also agreed to come and hold further meetings with HSU aged care members in our workplaces, so they can see firsthand what is happening on the ground.

Below is a video summary of your amazing HSU delegates taking the fight directly to the government. Please share this with your colleagues, friends and family so that they can all see HSU members working hard to change aged care! 

We will be back in the Fair Work Commission this week fighting hard for further pay rises in our Aged Care Work Value Case – we’ll keep all HSU members up to date!

Do you know someone who isn’t an HSU member? Encourage them to join our Union today and have a say at work. We are always stronger when we stand together.

New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.