HSU members say NO to Fresh Hope enterprise agreement

Fresh Hope are taking their enterprise agreement offer out to a vote.

The HSU has polled union members at Fresh Hope and the result was unanimous – HSU members say that the offer is not good enough and call on all members to vote NO.

This means that the HSU is encouraging everyone to vote ‘no’ to this offer.

We are calling on Fresh Hope to properly address our key outstanding issues:

  • A better wage offer that fairly respects the incredible work of all aged care staff;
  • A clear commitment that staff will be provided with sufficient numbers of quality, comfortable uniforms;
  • A guarantee that training will be appropriately rostered in work time; and
  • A new allowance to pay staff fairly for the additional responsibility of undertaking medication duties.

You can view a copy of your proposed enterprise agreement at this link. The ballot for the new agreement will take place between 9am on Tuesday 15 February 2022 and 4pm on Monday 22 February 2022.

If a majority vote ‘yes’ to accept the offer, the agreement will accepted and will be sent to the Fair Work Commission for approval. However, if a majority vote ‘no’, the agreement will not be approved and the HSU will continue campaigning hard for a better deal.

We encourage all members to have their say on this important vote and we urge everyone to say NO to this offer so we can keep campaigning for a better deal.

If you have any questions about the offer, please contact your HSU delegate or the union on 1300 478 679.