HSU members wait at the bargaining table while HealtheCare goes missing!

HSU members,

After persistent efforts to bring HealtheCare back to the table, they have failed to meet with your HSU bargaining representatives since February. Why are they hiding?

This is the time for us to step up and be counted. It’s clear that only our collective activity will bring HealtheCare back to the table. In April a mass members’ meeting will be held to decide next steps. In the meantime, we are reaching the final stage of our petition collection, with the message that 2.5% is not enough!

Hundreds of HealtheCare workers have already signed the petition, and it’s not too late to gather more signatures. Please return any completed petition sheets to [E-Mail not displayed].

All petitions should be returned by 4:00pm Thursday 28 March. 

Our bargaining power lies in building a strong, active membership. Encourage your colleagues to become members of the union at www.hsu.asn.au/join, or 1300 478 679.