HSU Members Wellbeing Package Renewed for 2022

  • Published January 7, 2022

The HSU Members Wellbeing Package was extremely well received by members in 2021 and following this success, the HSU has renewed the benefits for 2022.

The scope has been increased with the addition of a new ‘out of pocket expenses’ benefit. If a member is injured and expenses are incurred as a direct result, the benefit can assist with coverage up to $500 for:

  • Medical mobility equipment;
  • Local transportation (excluding ambulance) for the purpose of seeking medical treatment; and/or
  • Replacement of items damaged as a result of the injury.

After analysing claims lodged and considering feedback from members, the HSU is also amending existing benefits with improvements to:

  • Emergency Accommodation: the scope of the benefit has increased to cover essential items and goods and services in addition to accommodation expenses to support members in domestic or family violence circumstances; and
  • Broken/fractured bones: increase to ALL payments (excluding full break of neck/spine, which remains at 100%).

In order to protect the ongoing viability of the member wellbeing package, a $5,000 cap on how much each member can claim in total per year from the package has been introduced.

A new sub-limit is also now in place for the workplace assault benefit. Under this change, if your incident has been reported to the police but requires less than one day absent from work, the benefit will cover 20% of the maximum benefit payable (previously 50%).

For a full outline of the amounts payable on all benefits effective from 1st January 2022, please click here.  

The HSU is proud to continue supporting members, inside and outside of the workplace. I believe that a Union does its best work when it acts for members industrially, politically, and socially.

If you have any questions about the HSU’s member benefits or would like to lodge a claim, please email [E-Mail not displayed].

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD