HSU Win! NSLHD finally agrees Operations Assistants should receive infectious allowance

Over the last year, HSU Members employed as Operations Assistants in NSLHD have been fighting to be paid for the infectious cleaning allowance.

After being raised by members at multiple committee meetings, the allowance was still not being paid. Members decided enough was enough and told management they would escalate the issue if it wasn’t fixed.

NSLHD have finally confirmed in writing to the HSU that they recognise Operations Assistants are entitled to the allowance when they lift and transport a patient, and the allowance will be paid going forward. This is consistent with a decision from the Industrial Relations Commission in 2021.

Members are encouraged to continue completing the Infectious Cleaning Allowance claim form and submit it to management when they perform this work.  

NSLHD have agreed there is an entitlement to back pay to 2018 and have scheduled a meeting for January 2024 to discuss how this will be determined.

Members are urged to get involved and hold management to account – please reach out to your organiser Kym Morgan at [E-Mail not displayed].