HSU win! Scalabrini backs down and returns public holiday!

We did it! HSU members have made Scalabrini return the public holiday that they ‘pinched’ in December – see details below about back pay!

Following a strong response from HSU members to the missing Additional Public Holiday survey, we met with Scalabrini management on Friday 24 March to try and resolve the matter.

Scalabrini initially stood by their decision to allocate the National Day of Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II as the Additional Public Holiday in 2022, but we pressed Scalabrini that they were wrong, and their incorrect interpretation of the enterprise agreement had disadvantaged members. We demanded that HSU members had a right to an additional public holiday between Christmas and New Year, and that Scalabrini must honour and pay this.

Yesterday, Scalabrini management wrote to the HSU to advise: ‘we have now confirmed the public holiday date will be 29 December 2022 and payments will be made in our payroll next fortnight’.

By standing strong together HSU members have recovered their ‘misplaced’ holiday!

Back Pay

If you worked on 29 December 2022, you are entitled to be paid at public holiday rates for the hours worked. Scalabrini management have said that this back pay will be made in the next fortnight’s payroll from 5 April 2023.

Please keep an eye on your payslip and if you think you’ve missed out on back pay, please contact the HSU for assistance.

This is a great win and shows what we can achieve when union members are strong and united. If you know a colleague who is not a member, encourage them to join today www.hsu.asn.au/join or ring 1300 478 679