I stand with HSU Paramedics

Today I am calling on all HSU members to unite with our HSU paramedics in their fight for professional recognition.

For too long HSU paramedics working for the NSW Ambulance Service have been the lowest paid and the most injured in the country.

The NSW Government promised to change that. And yet they have done nothing.

Hundreds of paramedics are leaving to states where their professionalism is recognised. Hundreds more are simply leaving the job altogether.

In their fight for professional recognition, HSU paramedics are now refusing to register. This means that from 1 January 2024, they can’t be deployed as paramedics.

The decision to refuse to register has not been taken lightly. But to do nothing would mean to accept the total disregard for our highly professional paramedics. As a union we cannot allow that to happen.

To be union means to stand together. So today I am calling on HSU members to send a message to HSU paramedics that we are united. Print off this sign and send a photo of yourself and/or your colleagues holding it to [E-Mail not displayed].  

Tell HSU Paramedics I stand with you.