ICP Recruitment Issues: ADHSU delegates to meet with the Service next week

  • Published March 22, 2024
  • Industries

This week ADHSU Delegates have been inundated with frustrated members after NSWA screwed up ICP recruitment and training in a grossly unfair way.

While hard working paramedics, eager to improve their skillset to better serve their community, have been interviewing for the next ICP course, they were shocked to find out they were interviewing for a class that had already been filled.

The class was placed at training locations and assigned to permanent positions; the allocations of permanency have occurred at locations where active lateral transfer (PIT) applications were current. This is in breach of the lateral transfer policy.

ADHSU delegates have demanded a meeting with the Service to address this recruitment issue and will sit down to discuss this issue next week. Delegates will be able to provide an update to members post this meeting.