Information for Affiliated Health Organisations re action tomorrow

Tomorrow, HSU members working in NSW Health will be walking off the job for four hours in protest of the NSW Governments' unfair wages policy and demand a fair pay rise.

We are touching base with you because on a database you are listed as working for Affiliated Health Organisations (AHOs). Unfortunately, members who work for AHOs cannot participate in this stop work action.

Whilst AHOs provide public health services, they operate under the federal system and the Fair Work Act. Unfortunately, this means that members who work for AHOs will not be protected if they participate in this strike action.

We know this is hugely unfair and that many health workers with AHOs wish to participate in tomorrow’s stop work action. We will work toward opportunities for all health workers to participate in the stop work action. Our fight for a fairer, just, process that allows us to negotiate better pay and conditions is for all our members.

It is important for the Union to ensure that all our members are safe and protected at work. So, if you work in any of the health services listed in the table at this link, you cannot participate in tomorrow’s action.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your Organiser or call our member services team on 1300 478 679.