Paramedic stop work zoom meeting tomorrow 0700-0800 (7 April)

  • Published April 6, 2022
  • Industries

The Ministry took the HSU to the IRC this morning in an attempt to get orders against tomorrow’s industrial action. The IRC made no such orders.

The HSU’s state-wide action goes ahead as planned. We have made it clear to government that 2.5% is a pay cut and Health Workers are not going to let their pay go backwards after the last two years.

At least 5.5% is needed to make this action go away.

All members covered by the Paramedic and Control Centre Award must attend tomorrow’s stop work zoom (even if you are off duty) so we can vote on activity moving forward.

The meeting starts at 0700 and ends at 0800. If you are on duty attend and participate unless you are given a 1A, 1B, 1C, or 2I. All other jobs can wait.

You will receive a zoom link via text this evening.