IRT Cleaning Review Rolls On...

IRT continues its review of cleaning services across the organisation, with a series of workshops set up this week.

The Health Services Union strongly encourages members to speak honestly in these meetings about their concerns with how IRT currently operates cleaning.

However, we understand that not all cleaners will feel comfortable speaking freely to management. To ensure every cleaner has their say, the HSU has put together this quick questionnaire:

Your responses are completely confidential and will only be used to develop the HSU response to IRT.

This is a very challenging time for cleaning staff, but you should be heartened by the support pouring in from colleagues and residents alike. I want members to know we will continue to fight against outsourcing. Every role in aged care is important and it’s the responsibility of employers like IRT to oversee and support every aspect of work in their facilities.

If you know someone who works in cleaning and who isn’t an HSU member, please send them this email so that they can have their say about their working future. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.