It's a NO at Royal Far West

The HSU has been notified that the proposed Enterprise Agreement for Royal Far West has been voted down by staff and members.

The outcome of the staff ballot was very close, with a slight majority of 50.48% of staff voting against the proposed agreement.

While the draft EA was rejected, this ‘No’ vote isn’t the end of bargaining. The HSU will continue to represent all HSU members through the bargaining process.

Your bargaining team met yesterday to discuss a process of consultation with staff in order to understand the concerns with the agreement. HSU representatives will continue to participate in this process, with our goal of reaching an enterprise agreement that is satisfactory to members.

If you would like to share your feedback or if you would like to get more involved in the bargaining, please contact your HSU organiser Emmett Gray on 0499 919 355 or at [E-Mail not displayed] for more information.

We will keep all HSU members up to date as the negotiation progresses.