It's a No at St Catherine's

It’s a ‘No’ for the St Catherine’s Enterprise Agreement!

Following the strong reaction from HSU members to questionable practices in the first paper ballot, St Catherine’s management agreed to conduct a new electronic vote to gauge support for the enterprise agreement.

The results of that vote are in and a majority of respondents voted ‘No’ to the proposed enterprise agreement.

This is a great result and comes directly from HSU members standing strong and united in our demand for a better enterprise agreement.

It means that your current enterprise agreement will remain in place and that bargaining for a new enterprise agreement will continue.

The HSU will continue to advocate for an better EA offer, including:

  • Improved pay increases for all staff
  • Strong anti-bullying provisions included the EA
  • Better arrangements to support fair workload management

We have written to St Catherine’s management requesting a meeting to continue the negotiations.

Now more than ever, we need members to be strong and united, to help push for a better outcome. If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, they can join online at today.

We will keep HSU members up to date as things progress.