It’s not over until members are backpaid in full

It has been more than six months since the Health Services Union approached the management of The Salvation Army regarding the unpaid work at Macquarie Lodge Aged Care Plus and received their written confirmation of the back-payment.  Due to your great work, members and staff have been back-paid for the online training hours.

There are still however, ongoing issues.

Though back pay has been received the amount owing has not been paid in full, with back-payment capped at 8 hours. This is despite management confirmation on 15 January 2021 that management had “not told staff members that they [would] only be paid for a maximum of 8 hours”, which means you are entitled to the payment for all the hours you spent on the e-learning according to the official timing of each module.

Also, some members have received an email that the payment is “backdated only to 2 November 2020”- but employees have a right to claim their unpaid wages for up to 6 years after the amount became due and payable.

If you have not received the amount in full yet, please email your local Organiser Hyojung Kim at [E-Mail not displayed] so that we can resolve this issue together.

If you know a workmate who isn’t a HSU member yet, let them know what HSU members have been able to achieve and encouraged to get them to join online at Alternatively, new members can ring 1300 478 679 or contact your local Organiser at 0458 012 322. Only members can have a representation at work.

Thank you for working as a frontline health worker.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes