Just under 90% of HSU HealthShare PTS members vote to take industrial action

  • Published May 17, 2021
  • Industries


To recap Friday’s newsletter, a quirk in the way PTOs are paid has led to ex-Green Fleet PTOs receiving a .3% pay rise for last year plus an upcoming up to $1000 cash payment.

HealthShare has refused to equalise last year’s increase by paying the up to $1000 to all PTS workers.

We can’t allow one group of workers to receive more money for doing the exact same job. This will breed resentment and goes against the ethos of unionism.

Over the weekend, HealthShare HSU members had a chance to vote on taking action in support of the following demand: All PTS staff must receive the increase that was granted to ex Green Fleet PTOs last year. This increase must be paid to all PTS staff in the same pay ex Green Fleet PTOs receive it.

The following action is endorsed and starts tomorrow, Tuesday 18 May 2021.

From 0800 to 1400 Tuesday 18 May to (and including) Thursday 20 May 2021 no HSU PTS member is to transport discharged patients. Discharged patients are:

  • No discharges home (included aged care facilities) from a ward or ED.
  • No private to public hospital and vice versa.
  • No dialysis out before 1400.

All other PTO work is to continue during the above time (0800-1400).

All other duties should be adhered to at other times in the shift (e.g., hospital discharges before 0800 and after 1400).

The following script should be politely used when refusing jobs (if asked by a manager or the Hub):

Due to the ongoing union dispute over the unequal pay between different PTOs and the unfair pay rise given to all healthcare workers (including our colleagues in the Hub), we will be following the ban of not discharging patients from any healthcare facility between 0800 – 1400.

Well done for taking a stand to fight for pay equality across PTS.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD