Maintenance of rosters: vote to take action

  • Published October 12, 2023
  • Industries


ADHSU members have been fighting for maintenance of rosters in one form or another for decades. Conversely, NSWA executives have been doing everything they can to short-change the community and leave rosters unfilled – whenever they can get away with it.

The community is funding core station/centre rosters around the state, and the community expects those rosters to be filled.

The maintenance of station/centre rosters is not only important for ambulance coverage – it also has a direct effect on paramedic and control centre officers’ work life. NSWA staff are not just the lowest paid in the country, but also the highest injured, with the second highest work intensity after WA.

We know that every time a local roster isn’t filled, members are less likely to get their breaks or get off on time – so it matters.

NSWA has recently introduced new roster enhancements but has indicated those rosters will only be maintained on an ad hoc basis. This is not good enough.

The state-wide delegate group has recommended the following action:

  1. No shift movements unless overtime has been exhausted at the destination station (has to have been advertised for at least one hour (the individual member must be confident that O/T has truly been exhausted. This is regardless of NSWA’s version of PAR.
  2. For designated IC modules (i.e., 2 IC crew), no shift movements, no splitting of crews unless all attempts to backfill the destination station with an ICP have been exhausted (that NSWA must attempt to replace an ICP with an ICP first).

Please take a moment to vote on the above recommendation action here. The vote will close on Monday 1200. If the action is endorsed it will commence first day shift Tuesday 17 October.