Estia finally back at the bargaining table: What are your priorities?

After a long pause, Estia has finally resumed negotiations with your HSU Bargaining Committee for a new enterprise agreement. At a meeting this week, management provided their initial responses to your claims. Unfortunately, many of your claims have not been agreed to, or are still being considered.

Click here to see Estia’s response to your claims so far.

What can we do?

To ensure good wages and conditions at Estia, it’s important that we get a strong enterprise agreement. That means understanding your priorities so we can get the best outcome possible.

Complete this short survey and have your say.

This will enable your HSU Bargaining Committee to focus on the claims that will have the biggest impact on your working life.

Estia has yet to put forward a wage offer. However, your HSU Bargaining Committee made it very clear that we expect Estia to step up and offer a real pay increase to union members.

Know someone that isn’t a member? Encourage your colleagues to join by getting in touch with a delegate, organiser, or joining online here:

The more workers that join the campaign, the more power we have at the bargaining table.