Major Workplace Change and Voluntary Redundancy at Leigh Place

As you know, Leigh Place management has informed the Health Services Union of major workplace change as a result of the “outcome of the review of operational requirements by the Board of Directors”. Management wish to reduce hours in the care stream and laundry section and have indicated that they are accepting expressions of interest for voluntary redundancies from “staff with a service to Leigh Place in excess of 5 years”.

An onsite consultation meeting will take place at 2pm, 12 February 2021.

Among the numerous issues affecting members at your workplace, this must be the hardest one. Your HSU representatives have been contacted by members who are extremely distressed and frustrated about these changes.

Seeking a constructive consultation process, the HSU has written to management and requested their response to the following items:

  1. Reduced hours: What work is not being done? What workplace practices have changed to require a reduction in hours? Could Leigh Place please provide the union with clear analysis explaining the rationale behind the reduction in hours and the impact that this change will have on workloads under the new roster pattern.
  2. Can Leigh Place demonstrate how any redundancies, either voluntary or non-voluntary, are bona fide redundancies?
  3. What is the rationale in only offering voluntary redundancies to staff with more than five years of experience? 
  4. Why is Leigh Place asking staff who may wish to volunteer for a redundancy to sign a Deed of Release? This is not normally required in cases of redundancy and we cannot see the reason for requiring one in this instance. 

During consultation and major workplace change, you and your colleagues have rights. Your Union is here to help you stand up for your rights, which include:

  • A right to be consulted about the change. Consultation includes time to consider the change, to raise concerns, and to have those concerns properly addressed.
  • A right to say no. Contracted hours cannot be cut without your approval. Cuts to jobs can occur, but only with a redundancy or redeployment to a comparable position.
  • A right to representation – ensure you are represented by the HSU when discussing major workplace change.
  • A right to request any changes to your job be provided in writing and time to consider your response. Don’t feel rushed. Major changes to your job can have lasting impacts for you and your family.
  • A right to join the HSU! Only HSU members get representation and advice to stand up for their rights and protect their job. Join now at or phone 1300 478 679

If you need help or advice about workplace change, email [E-Mail not displayed] or phone 1300 478 679. You can also contact your Organiser HyoJung Kim at [E-Mail not displayed] or 0458 012 322.