McLean Care: Roster restructure at Apex Road

Yesterday, HSU members and your Organiser Karen Wiles attended the first of three all staff meetings to discuss a planned roster restructure to return to a centralised base rostering system.

The new base roster is going live on 6 March. As per your enterprise agreement, McLean Care are required to consult with all affected staff about these changes. Subsequent staff consultation meetings will be held on 20 and 27 February. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss the changes and an opportunity to ask questions.

HSU members are invited to attend an important union members zoom meeting this Friday February 17 to discuss the change. The details of the zoom are here:

Date: 17 February 2023

Time: 5:00pm

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 828 2954 5009

Passcode: 620479

It is important that members know their rights in any change process. You have the right to:

  • Be consulted about the change. That gives you the right to raise any issues about the change and management must give consideration to those issues.
  • Say no to any cuts to contracted hours. Your contract cannot be cut without your approval. Changes to your contracted hours can only occur with your agreement, otherwise a redundancy may be payable. Do not sign anything you are not happy with.
  • Be given the changes clearly in writing, with time to consider them.
  • Be represented by the union. Ensure you are represented by the HSU when discussing major workplace change.

Only HSU members will be represented during this process. Encourage your workmates to join online at or phone 1300 478 679. You can also contact your Organiser Karen Wiles by email [E-Mail not displayed] or calling 0408 164 519.