Medical Radiation Scientists Statewide Meeting: MRS Graduates Determination

Finally, there is some movement from the Ministry of Health about the inconsistent grading of MRS graduates across NSW Health.

Throughout lengthy discussions with the Ministry, HSU members have maintained that graduates with a four-year degree, working unsupervised and with have full registration with AHPRA, should be employed at Level 2 of the Medical Radiation Scientist (State) Award 2022.

As a result of HSU members’ advocacy, the Ministry have now prepared a draft Determination which ensures that these graduates:

  • Will be employed at Level 2 moving forward, and
  • MRS graduates who were incorrectly graded as Level 1 will be reclassified to the correct Level and Year.

You can view the draft Determination at this link.

However, the Ministry has not agreed to backpay MRS graduates – at this stage. The Ministry has not undertaken the work to map which LHDs were incorrectly grading MRS graduates and how much back pay they may be owed.

What do you think? HSU members are asked to participate in a survey to understand the scope of backpay for MRS graduates. Your response to this survey will provide concrete data and guide our negotiations with the Ministry. The survey will be open until Friday 8 September 2023.

Link to the survey:  

A mass members zoom meeting has been called for Friday 8 September 2023 at 12pm. This will be a members only meeting as we will be conducting a formal vote. Register here for the meeting.

During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to provide your feedback on the draft Determination and be asked to provide your views on how we proceed with this issue.