Members fight for safe staffing levels at Gosford Hospital CSSD

Recently an ongoing issue surrounding safe staffing levels in the sterilising department at Gosford Hospital has reached a crisis point. This has now resulted in escalated industrial action from HSU members.

For months, members have tried to work with CCLHD management in good faith. Management have now told HSU members their concerns about safe staffing levels are unwarranted.

CCLHD wants to employ a brand new HSM1 position while deleting 2 vacant FTE L3 positions – positions that are desperately needed to address the workload issues on the floor of the sterilising department.

Watch this video on the dispute -

HSU members proposed the recruitment of only 1 FTE L3 position as a compromise, but CCLHD have rejected this good faith position. They still wish to go forward with employing the new HSM1 and deleting the 2 FTE L3 roles at the expense of resources on the department floor. Why won’t they listen to their staff about what is really needed to repair the department?

HSU members have now been forced to escalate indefinite work bans to highlight the crisis in their department. Unfortunately, these work bans will impact other areas of CCLHD. This is regrettable and arises from a desperate situation.

Understaffing is an ongoing issue across CCLHD. Only when we stand together can we make progress. Please support the members of the sterilising department at Gosford in their struggle for safe staffing levels.