Award Working Group for Dental Clinicians

A delegation of HSU representatives recently met with the Minister for Health, the Minister for Industrial Relations, and the Ministry of Health about the need for Award reform. Delegates called for immediate Award reform which was committed to by both ministers.

This a monumental moment after a decade of Award stagnation. Health Minister Ryan Park has made a concrete commitment to HSU members to negotiate new Awards. We have achieved an important first step – now we must begin the important work of preparing and developing member-led claims for negotiation.

It’s crucial for Dental Clinicians to be engaged in the process. You know what needs to be changed, and what those changes need to look like – so it’s important you are involved.

Expressions of interest are being sought from Dental Clinician members to sit on a Working Group for the Dental Clinician classifications: Dental Officers, Dental Specialists, Oral Health Therapists (including Dental Therapists and Dental Hygienists) and Dental Prosthetists.

This group will research and develop any proposed changes to your classifications, which HSU Dental Clinicians members will vote on. Only HSU Dental Clinicians will have input and vote on these changes.

Meetings will be held monthly for 60-90 minutes at a regular scheduled time to be determined.

If you’re interested in this crucial working group and ready to have your say, please email your expression of interest to: [E-Mail not displayed].

Only HSU members can join the working group. Know someone who isn’t a member? Tell them to join today and become a part of the working group.