Members stand up against bullying: Huntingdon Gardens agrees to a new vote!

Last week HSU members reported feeling harassed and bullied to vote ‘yes’ to a new EA during the ballot that was conducted between 9 and 13 August.

Members reported being yelled at “you must vote ‘yes’”. Members also reported receiving harassing text messages from their management via WhatsApp, threatening that if staff vote ‘no’ then they will get no pay rise and coercing them by saying that their votes are threatening other staff members. Members said that many people felt intimidated and scared to vote how they really wanted.  

Harassment and coercion in the workplace is not acceptable.

HSU members quickly prepared evidence and Health Services Union representatives raised the issue with Huntingdon management and Leading Age Services Australia (the peak body of many private aged care organisations). The HSU demanded that Huntingdon Gardens cease harassment of staff and called for the ballot to be run again, to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

Management have agreed and a new vote will now take place. Voting will now take place between 30 August to 3 September.

You can find important information about the new enterprise agreement and what’s on offer at this link.

The new agreement can only be accepted if a majority of staff who vote, vote ‘yes’. If a majority vote ‘no’ the HSU will hold further meetings with management, and we will continue to push for a better wage offer and no reduction in your conditions.

If you have any questions about the proposed agreement or the voting process, please contact the union on 1300 478 769 or your local Organiser at [E-Mail not displayed]. If you know someone who is not yet a member, tell them to join the HSU via phone or online at We are stronger when we stand together.

Thank you for working as a frontline health worker.