Meredith House Aged Care Facility: Cancelled shifts update

The HSU received reports that Meredith House had begun cancelling members shifts without notice or explanation. As soon as we received these reports, HSU officials contacted Meredith House for an explanation and advised them that our members would not be financially disadvantaged by this.

We are happy to report that Meredith House has responded to advise us they will be abiding by their obligations in their agreement.

For both Permanent Full Time and Part Time employees, any shifts cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice will be paid to the affected employee with both their contracted hours and any entitlements they would have otherwise received if they had worked. For shifts more than 7 days away they will only be paying the contracted hours. Meredith House management have committed to notifying the affected staff.

In addition to this, Meredith House management has also confirmed to us that there will be redundancies and entitlements as per the EBA, and that they are also waiting on the retention bonus from the Federal Government to relay to staff.

Members cannot be forced to agree or sign anything. Your HSU Organiser Emmett Gray will be able to assist members with any other concerns they may have.

If you have any questions, please contact Emmett on 0499 919 355 or at [E-Mail not displayed].