Meredith House Redundancy Dispute

  • Published May 17, 2022

After the closure of Meredith House, members had reported that management had underpaid you and your colleagues and had not provided adequate pay information. Management were put on notice that unless the matter was resolved we would take them to the Fair Work Commission.

Meredith House gave no response to these issues and instead only requested more time. This was not good enough – so the matter was lodged with the Fair Work Commission.

This was conciliated in the Fair Work Commission this morning and resulted in Meredith House Management committing to meet with HSU officials about the underpayment claims and the steps they would take to correct their mistake.

We will be holding a Zoom meeting this Friday 20 May 2022 at 1pm to discuss next steps to ensure you get paid correctly! All members affected are encouraged to attend via the link below:

If you believe you have been underpaid and have not yet made contact, please email your local organiser Emmett Gray at [E-Mail not displayed] or Industrial Officer Andrew Gallagher at [E-Mail not displayed].

I want to acknowledge everyone who has sent through their information already. If you haven’t yet, please ensure to include your version of the redundancy calculation with 12 months of payslips (if you have them), your age, length of service at Meredith House and your roster if you had any shifts cancelled in the final weeks of employment.