Stop work meeting tomorrow 0700

  • Published May 17, 2022
  • Industries

To support the efforts of all workers across NSW in securing a real pay rise this year, ADHSU members working for NSW Ambulance placed a variety of nuisance bans on to help force the NSW government to come to their senses, discard the wages cap and stop public sector wages from going backwards in 2022/23. Today the ADHSU was brought before the Industrial Relations Commission and was issued with a strong recommendation to lift these bans.

To keep the ADHSU democratic and ensure all members have their say on whether ADHSU members should lift the bans, a stop work meeting has been called for tomorrow, Wednesday 18 May @ 0700.

All members, on or off duty, should attend so they can have their say. If you are on duty, attend and participate unless you are given a 1A, 1B, 1C, or 2I. Zoom link will be sent out via text.