Ministry tries on threats with ADHSU members

  • Published November 24, 2023
  • Industries

Yesterday, as ADHSU members sat in the spectators’ gallery of NSW Parliament to watch the professional recognition petition debate, the Ministry of Health sent the HSU a letter identifying their concerns in relation to ADHSU members’ decision to boycott registration this year.

The letter, which can be accessed here, alleged that the ADHSU registration boycott would have criminal consequences should members represent themselves as paramedics once their registration expires.

ADHSU members have no plans of holding themselves out as paramedics if the boycott goes into 1 January 2024 and they become unregistered. In fact, it seems that the Ministry has missed the entire point.

Despite this, we acknowledge the Ministry’s letter and are willing to distribute it to ADHSU members.

I wrote to the Ministry of Health recently to clarify ADHSU members’ position around professional recognition, and as a consequence, rates of pay that would at least align with our QAS colleagues. I would reiterate at this point that ADHSU members are seeking to stem the flow of paramedics across NSW borders – North, South, and West.

Members can rest assured that the boycott won’t make them a criminal as the letter implies. It will likely get you a pay rise though.

This is the perfect opportunity to pledge to join the registration boycott if you haven’t already. Pledge here. Please see the FAQ here for information on boycotting registration.