90% of voters endorse industrial action on grad part time issue

  • Published December 24, 2020

Well done to all the members who voted on potentially taking industrial action should NSWA move to implement the grad part time restructure before consultation is initiated.

Despite what NSWA says in its all staff emails, ADHSU has yet to receive a written change proposal document. We need that document so we can send it to members to seek feedback. Instead, we were sent a letter informing us that we had 7 days to provide feedback before NSWA starts a ‘trial’, and before expressions of interests (EOIs) were sent out to grad on the an e-list. Guess what? They sent out the EOIs before the 7 days expired meaning that our views could not be taken into account.

This is what’s called bad faith negotiations and it’s the reason we ran a vote on Industrial Action, NSWA can not be trusted on this issue and we need to be ready to react instantly should they show more indications of implementing the change without consultation.

As stated in the heading, 90% of respondents endorsed industrial action. The type of action needs to be considered. As we said in the vote, we’ll run another poll before implementing a form of action that may adversely affect patients. In any event, with COVID being back in the community, it’s probably not a good time to take actual strike action, but instead limit it to nuisance action (like delaying pushing off stretcher etc).

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed as things develop.

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Gerard Hayes