Hunter Primary Care EBA: What Happens Now?


I’m sure you would be aware that the result of the EBA vote has passed and the agreement will begin it’s ascent to the Fair Work Commission.
But what happens now?
The Agreement has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission and final submissions will be made to the Agreement. If the FWC determines that the agreement passes the BOOT (Better Off Overall Test) the agreement will be ratified and will come into effect 7 days later.
I’d like to thank all of the union representatives, activists and members who took part in the EBA process. For most of you, this was a new experience. You and your colleagues should be proud of the time, energy and understanding you displayed. This is what it means to be in a union.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the member services division on 1300 478 679 or contact your organiser Robert Brady on 0448 211 231 or email him at [E-Mail not displayed].

In unity, 

Gerard Hayes