NDIS Worker Screening Changes for NSW, ACT and QLD from 1 February 2021

On 1 February 2021, the NDIS Worker Screening Check started around the country. This new system will replace all State and Territory checks for disability workers providing support through the NDIS.

The HSU has put together a table for members in the ACT, New South Wales and Queensland about the transitional arrangements, new NDIS Worker Screening arrangements and costs for a 5-year check in each State or Territory.

For existing workers there are a range of transitional arrangements, depending on the State of Territory that you are in. After your transitional arrangements expire, you will have to apply for NDIS Worker Screening through the website for your state in the table at this link.

For new workers (i.e. those entering the workforce from 1 February 2021 with no previous worker screening), your NDIS Worker Screening needs to be obtained before commencing employment. 

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