Sick Leave at Anglicare Dorothy Boyt House- Your Rights at Work

It has come to the attention of HSU that there is concern and confusion about the directions from the management of Anglicare Dorothy Boyt House on sick leave requirements.

According to the email the management sent to all staff on 14th of January 2021, management is directing the employees to:

  • submit “leave application form to sign before the current pay period end while you call sick”, and
  • “[i]f you do not provide your leave application form to [the manager]” they will” consider that you are taking leave without pay for rest”; and also
  • you “need to state in the email with the reason and symptoms of your sick if you were sick”.

According to c 28.9 of ANGLICAN COMMUNITY SERVICES ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT 2017, an employee is entitled to the leave by giving the employer a notice of the period, or expected period of the leave as soon as reasonably practicable (which may be at a time before or after the leave has started) that the employee is absent from his or her employment. This doesn’t include a requirement to provide details of your illness. Members are fulfilling your requirements for a leave by calling in sick as you have been doing.

Your local HSU Organiser Hyojung Kim has approached the local management and requested they change the direction and notify the employees accordingly. Please contact the HSU at [E-Mail not displayed] or your HSU Organiser Hyojung Kim at [E-Mail not displayed] if you have concerns at your workplace.

If you know a workmate who is not yet a member of the HSU, encourage them to join now. When we stand together, we can make sure our voices are heard at work. New members should join at or call 1300 478 679.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD